Our Project Execution Methodology

Kick off Meeting

A Kick off meeting (which can include via telephone) is envisaged for the MCE team and CLIENT personnel to come to an understanding for the common objectives and goals, to establish policies and procedures identify lines of communication and to re-confirm scope, deliverables and schedule.

The results of these meetings will be captured to enable development of detailed schedules and finalization of detailed deliverable list and other project specific procedures. MCE has a full set of corporate Project procedures on which Project specific procedures will be further developed.

Project Planning and Control

Planning, scheduling and reporting will be carried out in accordance with CLIENT project requirements. Suitable planning tools and software will be utilized to meet specified category and time schedule. MCE will develop the project specific planning procedure to be implemented.

Progress Measurement

The Deliverables Register is the base document for progress measurement. It contains in its final version all the drawings, documents and tasks required to complete the project.

The progress performance will be measured against the planned progress for each agreed activity in the baseline schedule. This will be presented by cumulatively in the weekly reports. The progress breakdown will allow the project team to identify and focus on maintaining progress in the areas of concern.

Contractual Change/ Variations

The key aspects to Variations to the CONTRACT are summarized here for an overview.

Project Reporting

The project progress reporting format will be finalized during kick off meeting. The frequency of the progress reports will be discussed and finalized during the kick-off meeting.

Project Correspondence

Correspondence   includes   Letters,   Transmittals,   Technical   Queries,   Change   Requests,   Technical Information/Query Forms and Internal Memos. In day to day correspondence, emails and FTP will be used but this will not be considered as contractual correspondence. For all contractual correspondence, formal hard copy will be submitted. Master correspondence registers will be controlled and maintained.

Document & Data Management

Document and data management will be handled in accordance with MCE standard quality procedure or as prescribed by CLIENT for document and data control.

CLIENT provided specifications; codes and standards will be centrally located in MCE server with adequate security and access control such that they will be available at point of use by project team. Additionally, external (online) access to International Codes and Standards is available via the MCE Technical Library for access to the latest information available.

Document and Drawing Control and Transmission

Each document and drawing shall be identified with a unique document number, title and revision status. The documents will be numbered as per numbering system as desired by CLIENT.

All engineering documents and drawings will be prepared under the control, supervision and responsibility of the respective Lead Engineer (LE) for the scope of work. Each document and drawing shall have the signature columns with date columns for the person who prepared, reviewed and approved. Document review and approval will be carried out in accordance with the Project Quality Assurance Plan.

Each of the engineering deliverable, which is prepared, reviewed and approved in MCE before submitting to CLIENT. Reviewing and Approval is done based on the authority as defined in the MCE system. The deliverables, which require interdisciplinary check, are reviewed with the concerned engineering disciplines prior to their approval. All the submitted deliverable and commented documents as received are stored in the server with proper access to the working team to ensure information availability for the working team.


For execution of the project, MCE will follow its own set procedures except those procedures which will be agreed during kick-off meeting. MCE’s QA manager will be responsible for managing the quality of the drawing / documents. Besides the engineering execution plan, a project quality plan based on ISO 9001:2008 guidelines will be prepared and implemented.  This  quality  plan  also  highlights  the  critical  activities,  responsible  persons,  applicable procedure and verification documents. At the beginning of work, orientation training will be provided to all personnel associated with this project to get finalization with procedures being followed. Considering the schedule of the project, no specific project audit schedule is envisaged and the audit will be done as per company general audit schedule.

Project Closeout & Handover

MCE is committed to continuous improvement of its processes & systems. To support this, feedback at project close-out is obtained to gather information such as project performance, lessons learnt, archiving requirements etc. Internally within MCE, project close out is carried out in accordance with corporate procedures.

Performance Feedback

MCE considers Performance Feedback as extremely important and valuable to its business as it provides an opportunity to understand CLIENT requirements and perceptions. It also allows MCE to continually strive to exceed these expectations. MCE has a clearly defined process for undertaking Project Performance Surveys. This process is documented in EDMS. Customer Feedback surveying will be subjected to audit within the project audit program. Formal feedback will be obtained from the CLIENT point of contact prior to the final close-out of the project. Ongoing performance feedback will also be taken to ensure that any deficiencies in the systems, procedures and or operations are identified and rectified.

Project Planning /schedule

The Planning and schedule will be prepared in such a way to support the Project at all levels in the identification, Scheduling and monitoring of project. Its prime planning functions include:

MCE Consulting Engineers