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The company’s capability in Renewables & Biofuels include:


MCE Consulting Engineers provides both conventional as well as cellulosic ethanol technologies, using molasses and grains as the feedstock. MCE Consulting Engineers provides full turnkey solution. The technology portfolio offered includes:

Conventional (1G) Ethanol plants to process molasses, grain or corn as the feedstock and Cellulosic (2G) Ethanol plant to produce alcohol from  Lignocellulosic biomass e.g. Rice and Wheat straw, Cane trash, Corn Cobs, Cotton stalk or Bagasse, under a third party technology license.

Smaller plants are available in Modular Construction, while bigger units can be supplied on conventional EPC basis. Second Generation (2G) feed stocks include agri-residues like rice & wheat straw, cane trash, corn cobs & Stover, cotton stalk, bagasse, Empty Fruit bunches (EFB), etc. The 2G Smart Bio refinery shall process multiple feed stocks and shall produce multiple products like bio ethanol, bio butanol, bio chemicals, power, Bio CNG, CO2 etc.

Our licenser/ partners has some unique results on the B20 and B50 Biodiesel emission based on the trials. During trial Got “Zero emission” of carbon monoxide (CO) 21 % 02 (oxygen) this results in good Mileage as well as pick up to the Diesel cars. Also further benefit for getting clean environment.

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