Simulation Services

We offer Trainning Courses in Process Simulations in Chemcad & Petrosim. MCE Consulting Engineers has long term agreement with Ingenious Process Solutions for Design software & Simulation Expert Trainers. This is to strengthen our commitment with our customers for process simulation modeling and training needs.

Advance Course

  Course Features (Duration: Five days) – Forty Hour Course

  Everyday Eight hours with hands-on training

  • Simulation Concepts
  • Fundamentals on Thermodynamics & Selection Criteria.
  • Separation systems in Process Engineering Applications.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Simulation and Rating calculations
  • Various workshops to model heat exchangers such as single phase & multiphase exchangers such as overhead condenser- Study of     TEMA sheet, GA drawing, etc
  • Batch Distillation and calculations
  • Instrumentation, Control valve & Pressure Safety (relief) valve selection & sizing.
  • Reactor Simulations and comparison

Upstream systems (Oil & Gas)

  • Systems from wellhead gathering to station/platform export systems including, separators, gas dehydration (absorption and     regeneration), gas sweetening (absorption and regeneration), fuel gas system, multi-stage compression acid gas compression and     transport, crude stabilization, turbo-expander/compressor systems, gas dewpointing, depressurization (blow down)
  • Pressure relief valve sizing using HEM (Homogeneous Equilibrium) method
  • Optimization of gas compression

Downstream systems (Refinery/Petrochemicals)

  • NGL fractionation train
  • Crude oil column
  • VDU
  • Removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide
  • Design and rating of heat exchangers

Chemical Plants

  • Methanol - water separation
  • Phenol separation
  • Azeotrope separations
  • Ethyl acetate - toluene systems
  • Fatty acid distillation
  • Optimization of refrigeration plants
  • Ammonia absorption

Dynamic Simulations

  • Onshore gathering stations and offshore platforms including compressors, separators, distillation columns and pumps
  • LPG/Propane loading/unloading

    Irrespective of the area of application our emphasis is on optimising the simulation parameters. There is therefore no doubt that the     process design resulting from the simulation is also optimized.